Friday, June 28, 2013

Where's Waldo? Blue Manatee Bookstore Contest!

Find Waldo in Cincinnati

Beginning July 1st, Waldo will be hiding in 25 local businesses around Cincinnati. Come in to blue manatee and pick up a passport, or download one here and you'll know where to look. Take the passport to the locations, find Waldo, and have a member of their staff sign or stamp the passport. When you have 10 signatures/stamps, return the passport to blue manatee to receive a sticker and a coupon for $1 off Waldo books. Keep searching and find 20 or more Waldos and be entered to win prizes from our participating businesses. Prize drawings will take place at our Find Waldo Local Wrap-Up Party on July 31st at 5:30, which will be hosted by Thane Maynard, director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. 
Waldo FAQs:
What is it?: A city-wide search of local businesses and attractions for Waldo, the famous stripey-shirted character from the Where's Waldo? books.
Who can participate?: Children!
When? The entire month of July.
Where? 25 locations around the city. All addresses of locations are listed on the passport. 
Where can one get a passport? At blue manatee, blue manatee's website or one of the participating locations. 
What's the Grand Prize? A set of Where's Waldo books as well as gift certificates and merchandise from our participating stores.  
What if someone finds Waldo? Each location will sign or stamp their box on the Waldo passport when Waldo is found. 
What if someone finds all 25? They will be recognized at the Waldo Wrap-Up party at blue manatee on July 31st at 5:30, and will be given a prize of some sort (TBD).
What do we do with the passport when 10, 20, or 25 Waldos are found? 
Passports are to be returned to blue manatee for all prizes. Those with 10 Waldos can receive a sticker and a $1 off coupon to be used at blue manatee.
Those with 20 Waldos are entered to win the Grand Prize. Those with 25 Waldos are entered to win the Grand Prize and will be recognized at the Wrap-Up Party.
Do participants need to be present at the Wrap-Up Party to win? No, but it will be a lot more fun if they're there to receive the prize!


  1. I was in Cinci yeaterday and saw this shop- I used to live very close to it, but thought it was called the Blue Marble! This sounds like fun.

  2. It does sound neat! The Blue Marble bookstore is in the area too, but I believe it is in Northern Kentucky!