Monday, April 1, 2013

Summer Reading Bonanza!

Last week, I had a meeting at the district office, so I missed my building's monthly Building Leadership Team meeting. On the agenda that morning was discussing our plans for a summer reading program - a first for our school. When I returned later in the day, I found out that I had been put in charge of planning our school's summer reading program because I had missed the meeting! Can you imagine? In all honesty, I think I got put in charge because everyone knew I would have been the first to volunteer anyhow.

Now...the question is...where to start? I am reaching out to you, my Nerdy Book Club friends, to find out if you've ever planned a school-wide summer reading program. Or maybe you've just planned one for your own class or own kids?

I would really appreciate any inventive ideas or tips to make it a successful program this summer!

Here's to reading ALL SUMMER! Thanks friends.

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