Saturday, December 22, 2012

Meeting Jeff Kinney

So, a funny story - I was in New York City last December with my mom. We went on a whirlwind trip just before Christmas. One morning, we decided to stop by The Today Show to see if we could end up on television. This was before they axed Ann Curry and I vowed to NEVER be a fan again. (They did you wrong, Ann!) As we arrived, I noticed that one of my favorite authors, Jeff Kinney, was being interviewed outside about donating books to charity for the holidays. I got so excited and my mom would've too, had she any idea who he was. A bit later, a producer from the Hoda/Kathie Lee Booze Hour was asking for people to go the next door studio to be part of Kathie's trivia game. Of course we jumped at the opportunity! My mom never liked Kathie Lee, but hey - she was a celebrity and we were in NYC. As we walked towards the studio where the trivia was taking place, Mr. Jeff Kinney was walking across the street. I chased after him and yelled, "Jeff please sign this for my students! They are such fans." He was so kind and signed my random sheet of paper, even though his handler was scolding him, "We've got to go! We have a flight to catch." We continued on to the trivia game, which was really fun. We sat in the audience and even got some air time, even though we were not one of the actual contestants. Mom said that Kathie Lee was "darling" (Jamie's Seal of Approval) and it became one of the best times we had on that trip.

Flash forward to November of this year and I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Kinney again, at my local independent bookstore Joseph Beth. My good friend Laurie (a co-worker too) and I went. He was so kind by signing our books and even taking a picture with us. I didn't bring up our chance encounter on the streets of New York City, though...I didn't want to be all awkward and stuff like Greg Heffley.

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